WELCOME TO OUR SCHOOL! (description).

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This hight school isn’t small; in fact, it is bigger than the other high-school in the town.

This hight school has very tall and big trees surrounding the school and also in the main street inside the school. It also has many benches where you can sit under the trees or in the sun. We also have a vegetable garden. And in the parking lot there are a lot of pine-trees. There are seven buildings, for example for classrooms, departments, music room, gym, etc. There is a main street to move to different buildings. There is a sports court too. Before, there was a canteen next to the music room. Until last year, there were some hens to lay eggs.


 The high-school is in the outskirts of the town, so you can enjoy beautiful views of the mountain Peña del Águila, Sierra Mágina mountain range, flower fields, olive trees, houses, the valley up north, and marvellous views of Jaén and its mountains.


There are three hundred and forty-six pupils, and forty-one teachers.

In this high-school you can study Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), Baccalaureate – A studies, and Vocational Studies. Also, in this high-school you can take the exams for the official diploma in secondary education for adults.


The school’s resources are wide, although it lacks some rooms like the technology room, the canteen, lockers, or air conditioning.

But it has a sports court, a large gym, a vegetable garden, trees, flowers, a private street, glass walls in some of the buildings.

The computers are very old, some projectors are old too, the blackboards are worn out, the doors can’t close properly, the chairs and the desks are old, etc. because students don’t treat the materials properly.


Every year, all groups make school-trips, for example to Italy, Madrid, Málaga, Granada, Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Cazorla, or a mountain hiking-trip to Peña del Águila where you can see the town from the top of the mountain and take beautiful pictures of the landscape of the area.

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