The Environmental Corner

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Here we are again!

We have joined an eTwinning Project with Turkey related to the importance of preserving our near environment as nature is a gift given to all living things. Without nature, neither life nor human life would be possible. There would be no world
We humans are part of nature. We survive with the maximum benefits from nature in comparison to other living beings. But at the same time, it is us humans who inflict the most damage on nature.
Improper dumping of garbage, pollution of water-ways and the air should be stopped and offenders should be punished accordingly. Use of harmful chemicals should be stopped and alternative natural materials should be used. Use of toxic and nuclear substances should be banned. Illegal and unnecessary clearing of forests should be prohibited and proper planning should be carried out to provide housing for the growing population. Forest areas should be conserved and the protection of animals facing extinction should be given priority. Social media can be used for many awareness programmes to reach a wider audience.

For those reasons, students will upload pictures of the natural resources that we possess and the benefits that we get if we protect them. Pictures will come soon, hope you like them!

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